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GO enrichment analysis


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Dynamic GO enrichment analysis使用教程


①File format: a tab delimited text file. If your data is not TAB delimited, you can use Excel to convert it. you can also enter two columns,the second column is the multiple of multiple log2, greater than 0 up, less than 0 down

②Gene set: genes need enrichment analysis. Gene IDs must be separated by new lines and included in the background set.

③ Background set: For model organism, pre-compiled references are available, including rice, Arabidopsis thaliana, mice, rat, zebra fish, caenorhabditis elegans, gallus, drosophila melanogaster, and homo sapiens. Gene ID and transcript ID are optional according to your gene set IDs.
For other organism, you need to upload a background set with GO IDs. There are two types of file formats: the first column is gene names, and the second column is GO ID; or the first column is gene names while other columns are GO IDs of this gene. For example::

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Results statistics

histogram of second level GO terms

Senior Bubble plot

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