OmicShare Updates
The latest OmicShare version is 6.4.5 (2021.12.23)
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The latest OmicShare version

OmicShare 6.4.5

December 23, 2021

The registration, verification and activation of OmicShare account have been optimized;

The description document has been updated;

New tools such as Ridgeline plot、report_circosheat、report_heatnetwork、Bar chart race、o2pls、 fisher、chisq online

OmicShare 6.3.9

September 15, 2021

The Omicshare login interface has been optimized;

The dynamic tools adds support for exporting pictures in PDF format;

The advanced version of KEGG enrichment analysis tool adds support for metabolome data;

New tools such as normalization tool、filling_missing_data tool、report_cumulative_line tool、report_scatter_bubble tool、 convert gene ID tool、report_sankey online

OmicShare 6.3.0

July 06, 2021

The "My tasks" page of OmicShare tools has been redesigned, the function of displaying task progress and running information has been added, and the interface is more exquisite;

Dynamic tSNE, dynamic PCA, dynamic PCoA and dynamic NMDS tools support 3D graphics output;

The database versions of GO enrichment analysis, KEGG enrichment analysis, GSEA and other enrichment analysis tools were updated, and the supported species increased from 9 to 18;

Paired rank sum test tool, Reactome enrichment analysis tool online

OmicShare 6.2.1

May 20, 2021

Support xlsx format (Excel worksheet) and CSV format (comma separated text file), so that users can directly upload data for analysis after preparing data with Excel

The parameters of eight enrichment analysis tools, such as GO / KEGG enrichment analysis tools, have been optimized, and the description is more concise and clear

The help information of "special terms" have been added

New Features: KEGG enrichment analysis advanced tool, GO enrichment analysis advanced tool, splitviolin tool, anosim analysis tool

OmicShare 6.0.0

March 01, 2021

The OmicShare UI has been updated, and web pages are more concise

Icons of OmicShare tools have been redesigned

For the weighted network diagram and directed network diagram tools, the flash has been replaced with HTML5 canvas

New Features: the quadrant plot tool, the advanced version of DO enrichment analysis tool, lollipop tool and the sankey graph tool

OmicShare 5.2.1

December 01, 2020

A FAQs section has been added

New Features: rocrustes tool, polarbar tool, xGSEAdotplot tool, semi-violin diagram tool, Beeswarm tool, binary heat map tool and GSEA tool

OmicShare 5.1.1

October 27, 2020

A real-time updata announcement has been added

VIP exclusive functions, such as OScoin rewards has been added

New Features: report enrich circle tool, enrich circle tool, dynamic report enrich diff bubble tool, kegg network tool, reportstack tool, Series Test of Cluster tool and reportvolcano tool

OmicShare 5.0.1

July 23, 2020

The OmicShare UI has been redesigned

20 new interactive tools: Heat map tool, Interactive Circos tool, reportROC tool, report ternary plot focus tool, report CCA/RDA tool, report tSNE tool, report venn diagram tool, report violin tool, report box diagram, report line chart, report histogram, Correlation analysis between group, report radar diagram,Enrichment bar graph, Enrichment bubble diagram, Interactive Upset tool, reportNMDS tool, reportPCoA tool and PCA tool

OmicShare 4.2.0

November 26, 2019

OmicShare tools visual system has been updated

Optimization of login verification mode of OmicShare

Compatible with https protocol

New Features: Enrichment bar chart tool, Significance marker difference analysis tool, Broken axis histogram, tSNE tool and report_ternary_plot_enrich tool

OmicShare 4.1.0

July 25, 2019

The OmicShare VIP system has been online

OmicShare 4.0.0

April 26, 2019

15 advanced annotation tools have been added:KEGG function annotation、GO function annotation、Swiss-Prot function annotation、KOG function annotation、COG function annotation、NR function annotation、Pfam function annotation、AnimalTFDB function annotation、PHI function annotation、ARDB function annotation、VFDB function annotation、CARD function annotation、eggNOG function annotation、CAZy function annotation、plantTFdb function annotation

OmicShare 3.2.0

December 05, 2018

New Features: Upset Venn graph tool, Interactive PCoA tool, GO enrichment analysis tool, KEGG enrichment analysis tool, rank sum test tool, species Circos tool, violin plot (group) tool, difference test analysis tool, Correlation analysis within group tool, CCA / RDA tool and ROC tool

OmicShare 3.1.0

June 23, 2017

Funded by the special fund for science and technology development in Guangdong Province in 2017

Omicshare class has been launched

OmicShare 3.0.0

February 17, 2017

The English version of OmicShare has been online

The Omicshare interface has been updated, the OS circle and customer service have been added

OmicShare 2.0.0

June 23, 2016

Three-dimension PCA tool, Differential Expression Analysis tool and Directed Interaction Network tool have been added

OmicShare 1.0.1

April 07, 2016

Omicshare was officially launched, including OmicShare Forum and OmicShare Tools