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Select a file  Example

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Two-dimensional PCoA

Three-dimensional PCoA


1)Table of OTU abundance profiles and taxonomy annotation:a tab-delimited text file. If your data is not tab-delimited, you can use Excel to convert it. The first row must be headers. The first column data are OTU ID, the last column data are taxonomy annotation, other column data are absolute abundance of each OTU in each sample.

Attention: the taxonomy hierarchy annotation data from phylum to species must begin with the lowercase of the first letter of one hierarchy name and followed by two underlines, and end with semicolon, such as “ k__Bacteria; ”. Characters of “ Root; ” are not necessary.


2)Table of group profile: a tab-delimited text file. The first row must be headers. The first column data are sample name, the second column data are group name of the sample. This file is not necessary.


2.OTU filtration: according to the OTU abundance profiles, total abundance of each OTU in all samples will be calculated, and then the OTUs were ranking in the descending order of total abundance. To obtainted high quality data, users can retained high abundance OTUs, like the first 100 OTUs, or any amount you write in this parameters.

Wrong case of input file 1:
Annation data were divided into several columns.


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