Correlation analysis between groups

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1. Functions

Use heatmap to show the pairwise correlation of all elements between two tables.

2. Scope of application

It is applicable to transcriptome, metabolome, protein, 16S, experimental result collection and other data suitable for correlation analysis.

3. Input

(1) Enter two tables, which are two sets of data, such as gene expression scale, metabolite abundance table, microorganism abundance table, etc. It can also be phenotypic data, such as physiological indexes such as plant height and body weight.

(2) The table needs to have a header and a column name. Each column represents a sample and each row represents various elements, such as OTU and genes.

(3) The input file is in. txt format saved by tab-delimited.

Note: This tool calculates the correlation of each row of data between two tables.

4. Parameters

a. name display: display the names of abscissa or ordinate, and select rows, columns, rows and columns or none according to actual needs;

b. value: whether the grid value is displayed;

c. grid shape: rectangle or circle can be selected, with the default rectangle;

d. grid boundary: select whether the grid boundary is present or not, default is present, and change the color of the grid boundary according to actual needs;

e. graphic color: change the overall color matching of the graphic, provide 4 classic color matching, or adjust the low density color (min), average density color (max) or high density color (max) to determine the color scheme of gradual change according to actual needs.

5. Output:

The program will output the correlation heat map according to the default parameters. Users can adjust the parameters according to their personal needs and provide SVG and PNG file downloads.

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