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The total number of rows in the matrix should be no more than 200, and the number of columns shouldn’t exceed 50
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A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors.


Application scope:

It is compatible with all suitable data of transcriptome, metabolome, protein, 16S, or other result collection.



1)Matrix dataset

This file is a two-dimensional matrix. The first row of matrix is arranged from left to right on the heatmap, which usually contains samples, species, etc.; the first column of matrix is arranged from top to bottom on the heatmap,which contains genes, proteins, etc.


Format description:

As shown in the figure below, the data must be separated by tabs. You can choose to open it in Excel and save it as a .txt file separated by the tabs. The total number of rows in the matrix should be no more than 200, and the number of columns shouldn’t exceed 50.


2)Grouping file

It contains grouping information for the first row of the matrix. For example, the samples of first row can be divided into several groups In line with reality, or not grouped. The data of the input file must be separated by tabs as above.



A heatmap will be output with the default parameters, which can be adjusted according to personal needs of each user. SVG or PNG format of the heatmap is provided for downloads.

Parameter Description

Scale: scaling data using z-score. In general, we scale the row data.

Clustering: Clustering of the rows or columns of matrix. Those with a close distance will be displayed in the adjacent area of the picture, and the order of the abscissa or ordinate will be changed as well.

Name display: display the name of the abscissa or ordinate.

Values: whether display the value of each grid or not.

Grid shape: rectangle or circle (default: rectangle)

Boundary of grid: determine whether to display boundary of grid or not, and the colour of boundary can be changed in the color palette.

color scheme: the color scheme can be changed with four classical schemes or by adjusting MinColor or average color or MaxColor in the color palette.

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