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Task switching and legend definition

After the file upload and task submission are completed, check in the "Result Display" section, select the corresponding task, and fill in the left and right legend names below.   Global modification of graphics

  Global modification: you can modify the colors of the title and font that have been marked on the left and right heat maps.  Modification of heat map

Modification of heat map: Support parameter modification for heat map display, data normalization, color matching and related legends.  Line modification

Line modification: For internal lines, parameters such as transparency, thickness and color matching can be adjusted. Graphic adjustment and download

Graphics can be resized according to requirements, and can be downloaded in SVG, png and pdf formats.



Visualize the positive and negative correlation information between two groups of table data and visualize the table values. This graph is suitable for visualization of correlation results between two tabular data such as microorganism-environment factor analysis, transcription-protein/metabolism data analysis and gene-phenotype data analysis. Input file: The tool supports txt (tab delimited) files, csv (comma delimited) text files, and xlsx format dedicated to Excel, and also supports xls(Excel 97-2003) format of the old Excel. 1) left/right heat map data table: required. the first row of the table is sample name, and the first column is element name. 2) Grouping file: optional file. The first line is grouping name, and each column is a grouping information. If the file is not entered, the results will be displayed in sample units. 3) Correlation data file: required. The first column, the second column, are the names of left and right heat map elements, and the third column is the correlation data of two elements. This data can be generated using the "Inter-group Correlation Analysis" tool of OS platform.

Output file:  

1. Clicks"" can adjust the graphics.  Click the "" can enlarge graphic, click on the "" can narrow graphics, this change only for view effect change, to explort had no effect on the size of the graphics. Click on the "" expandable graphic parameter modification, including color, title, font, graphics, transparency.  Click on the "" export graphics(svg format, png format),.

2. User can capture images online grid, from top to bottom and drag around squares to adjust its position.

  Parameter modification

 Click ""to enter the interfaces of Global Modification, Heat Map Modification and Line Modification. Among them, "global modification" can adjust the graphic title, font and color matching of left and right heat map marks; "Modification of heat map": You can modify the color gradient range, grid height, grid boundary and grid normalization of heat map. Line Modification can modify the thickness, transparency and color matching of positive and negative related lines.

  Graphical interpretation


The graph is divided into left and right sides. The example data is the display result of 16s and ITS data. The left side is 16s data, which reflects the composition of sample bacterial community. Each column of the outer heat map represents a species, each layer represents a grouping, and the grid color represents the relative abundance of the species in the grouping. On the right side is ITS data, which reflects the composition of fungal community in the sample, while the middle line indicates the positive and negative correlation between elements on both sides (examples are bacteria and fungi in the same sample).

Results Display      (Click " project ID" to view different analysis results)