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A diagram that shows all possible logical relations between different data sets.    Wayne instructions and detailed interpretation of the graph

Input a tab delimited text file with headers. The first row is sample names and the first column is variable name. Values in the table are variable value.

  y1  y2  y3
  1 2 3
  3 4 3
  99  88  66
  7 5 6
  7 8 9
  66  88  99
  7 9 3
  12  8 15
  13  20  5




A dynamic venn diagram in SVG format.

Example: Venn diagram example file
Output:Venn diagram

The graph of SBV venn This graph was generated by SBV which was written by Peng. E-mail is y1 y2 y3 2 5 2 4 3 0 0
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Change the color:
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Set names:
Logical number:
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