Senior Bubble plot

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Senior instructions on the use of the bubble chart and detailed explanation

Demonstrate file data in a senior bubble plot.


The input file must be a tab-delimited format file with headers. There are two types of files:

①Type1: Contains 4 columns, which represents names, rich factor, bubble size and color in the chart.

Example is shown as followed:


②Type2: Contains more than 4 columns. The tool will recognize the file pattern and select the correct column to create a chart. This type of file supports two patterns showing here:

生物云平台 生物云平台


①File type: supports two types of file: type 1 (contains only 4 columns) and type 2 (contains more than 4 columns)

②Row number selected: how many rows for the bubble plot (the default setting is the first 20 rows).

③Test value: Select p value or q value to make a plot.

A senior bubble plot in PNG format.

Example: Senior bubble plot input file
Output:Senior bubble plot