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详细情况点击链接: Omishare Tools 中“热图”工具使用教程

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors.


Matrix dataset: Headers are sample names and each row represents a gene.
Optional input:
① Columns: choose which columns for graphics

GeneID  JI2822Dp  JI2822Big JI2822Small JI2822Lp
Unigene0021981  1300.99832695328  1665.09778769998  1352.56038153151
Unigene0009129  3454.18444497397  355.800462393868  440.799944750064
Unigene0040921  1873.7233808357 551.402956075232  1529.66491348639
Unigene0034573  1567.1476372343 1073.13647863848  1053.63141860243
  .     .     .       .

② Rows: assign how many first rows for graphics or upload a gene name file

File format: a tab delimited text file with headers. If your data is not TAB delimited, you can use Excel to convert it.Here's an example:



Optional input (choose one)

① Scale: scaling data using z-score. In general, we scale the row data.

② Color: “green, black, red” or “navy, white, firebrick3” is commonly used. You can also choose colors in the color palette.

③ Fontsize: fontsize for row names and column names (Default: 10px)

④ Cellwidth & Cellheight: individual cell width and height in points. The values depend on the size of plotting window, or you can set 25X12.

⑤ Display numbers: default: no

⑥ Cell border: default: no


A heatmap in PNG and PDF format.

Example: matrix dataset file

Output:Heat map