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2015-10-19 15:14:22


Membership grades include bronze, silver, gold and diamond in the ascending order. The higher the grade, the more privileges you have. Membership grade is correlated with credits.

Privileges and Functions Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member Diamond Member
Credits requirement(points) 0~100 101~300 301~600 >600
Maximum single file size uploaded (M) 100 100 200 1000
Number of files uploaded at a time (item) 3 5 8 10
Personal storage capacity (G) 1 5 20 100
Permission to senior tools
Maximum daily task delivery number (item) 10 20 30 40
Priority of task processing low high higher highest
waitted time to refresh tasks 60s 50s 35s 15s
note:You are bronze member when registered successfully.

Way to get credits

(1)Log in to get one credit every day. You can get three extra credits for consecutive login for a week.
(2)You can get a point card from OmicShare Forum, Genedenovo website and Genedenovo WeChat Official Account.

How to earn OmicShare coins?

Way 1: Complete your information of OmicShare, including setting an avatar, mailbox certification, and log in every day.
Way 2: Post or reply in OmicShare Forum. You can get 3 coins for a post and 1 coin for a reply.
Way 3: Invite your friends to register OmicShare. You can get 20 coins for successfully inviting a new user to register and activate his/her account.
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